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Deez Dazzles
Promotional Video for Deez Dazzles

Deez Dazzles now applies ALL crystals by hand using a heat process The video states that we purchase the bras with the Crystals already applied. This is no longer the case.  We wanted to have the versatility to offer more options to our customers as far as brands/styles of bras and also have the option of applying crystals to clothing.  The only way we could do that and keep our price at a minimum was to do the application process in-house.  The process we use is just as durable as the process used by the Company that used to supply the bras to us.  We still guarantee the durability of the Crystals and by doing the application ourselves, our product has more crystals on each strap than most of our competitors.  In addition, I believe we offer the largest choice of bra colors than any other Company in the "bling" bra business.


The bra styles used and described in the video have been discontinued by the manufacturer.  We have the ability to obtain many various bra styles, however, some do not accept the dying process as well as the original bras we sold.  If a bra can be dyed, we will still offer that service, but if we find the bra will not accept the dye and will not turn out in a true or natural color, we will have the option to recommend that certain types of bras not be dyed. 
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